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Follow Up


Follow up is the key to long term success in any project.


The Air Force coined a term called the OODA loop. This is the repeated process of observing, orienting, deciding and acting.

To do this your system must have in place the technology to track progress and the process to continue observation and to make corrections based on what is observed.


WideNarrow provides both the technology and the process to maintain an effective follow up program.


  • Each user of the system is tracked in their day to day activities and in what they publish.  This is useful because the system can be adjusted if it is determined the user is not reaching optimum performance.  User difficulties can also be identified quickly, before they create problems.
  • The performance of the overall system is tracked.  By doing this minimum time to optimum effectiveness ratios can be maintained.



  • WideNarrow has a proven set of processes that when implemented have allowed organizations to identify trends and to ensure team members are able to perform.
  • Linking to strategic goals and objectives.  Part of the process is to make sure tasks and actions accomplished in the system are linked to the strategic goals and objectives.  This keeps the system aligned and producing effective strategic intelligence.