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Dynamic Strategy

Perspective an intelligence system that drives dynamic strategy

To implement dynamic strategies you have to address three separate areas.  

Understand The Context
To understand the context your team needs access to past and current events as they relate to the market and your strategic plan.
Making Strategic Decisions and Weighing RiskTo make sound strategic decisions risk of doing or not doing the task must be understood.
To understand the risk a sound understanding of the context is required.
Execute Amid Uncertainty
Markets now seem to be in a constant state of flux. Most all markets must deal with an exponential rate of change.

Successful dynamic strategies employ an OODA loop.  This is the repeated process of observing, orienting, deciding and acting.


WideNarrow Perspective gives you the tools to quickly and efficiently manage each of the three primary areas


WideNarrow Perspective provides you with:

  1. Strategic intelligence.  This is information tailored to your specific strategic plan.  WideNarrow works closely with your organization so that when implemented the strategic intelligence will provide you with detailed knowledge of the current context of the market and how it is changing.
  2. Methodology and process.  Getting accurate intelligence is only step one.  Your organization must know how to work with it.  Your organization has the experts already in place.  After training they need less than one hour per week to provide you with strategic information that can be used to allow you to make strategic decisions and understand the risk.
  3. WideNarrow will help you set up the cross functional team that understands the strategic goals and objectives and will be trained in how to evaluate the intelligence.  From this they will be able to be comfortable they understand the context, and risk and can make decisions to execute.