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Most leaders have heard statements like:  “collaboration is key to buy in, empowerment, improves problem solving, improves creativity, and is the key to an innovative culture.”

Why do companies find it difficult to create a collaborative environment?

  • Collaboration is time consuming, and can look like, not much is being accomplished.
  • Collaboration requires giving up control; of the process and of the information.
  • Collaboration requires agreement.

How Does WideNarrow Help With Collaboration?

WideNarrow will deliver Perspective that when used as directed will indirectly have a very strong influence in creating a collaborative environment within the organization.


When WideNarrow’s methodology is applied with Perspective collaborative teams must be created that are directed by the strategic plan.

WideNarrow’s methodology will allow you to avoid the pitfalls of collaboration and gain the benefits.

  • Perspective suite allows collaboration to happen without requiring direct interaction.  This minimizes the time face to face meetings are required.
  • Users are able to provide input and suggestions with as little as 1 hour per week.


Scheduled Reflection

Intelligence Boards.

This is a cross functional team that is trained in perspective and composed of senior management.  They meet on a quarterly basis to review and analyze the work done by functional area experts.

Perspective allows them to quickly analyze the information collected and develop multi targeted reports.

These reports are used extensively from top level management to line personnel.  Because they are developed by the intelligence network they have strategic alignment and can communicate the progress of the organization towards the strategic goals.

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