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What have been the true results of major strategic initiatives?

Many organizations report that their initiatives never reach full potential or are not realized at all because they just seem to fade away.  Other priorities take the stage, the enthusiasm wanes over time, frustration and resistance builds with long implementaion times.

Sustainability of strategic initiative is a major factor contributing to failure to achieve strategic objectives.

Two key areas that can dramatically improve an organizations ability to sustain the initiative.

  1. Sustain the strategy by building organizational capabilities.
  2. Behavioral changes may not stick until they are embedded into a company as enduring org. capabilities.



Organizational capabilities are key to enacting and sustaining change.


These capabilities should be defined so that:

  1. They are meaningful, they must be linked to the strategic outcomes
  2. They are measurable.



How Does WideNarrow Help?

WideNarrow can help you build a cross functional strategic team composed of experts that are already in your organization.  This team will be aligned with the organization’s strategy, and can communicate the strategic direction to the organization.

This team will be trained in Perspective WideNarrow’s unique intelligence software suite.  Using the suite the team will have the ability to:

  • Report on events internal and external to the company in a real time manner
  • Understand how events impact the strategy
  • Understand the strategic focus from the detail to the big picture
  • Understand the short and long term goals of the strategy and what events can impact those goals.
  • Ability to communicate insights to top level if strategy needs to be adjusted
  • Ability to communicate across the org about changes in direction
  • Ability to communicate across the org about progress



How are these skills measurable?

Perspective includes a monitoring system that can:

  • report on the use of the system by each individual user.
  • provide follow up advice and comments on user performance.
  • report on system performance so that information inputs can be adjusted to provide the most effective data.