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Goals To Objectives

Is your organization aligned with the strategic plan?

If so you should be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Does your organization know what the strategic plan is?
  • Do your employees understand how their objectives relate to the strategic goals?

Translating the goals  to clearly defined actionable objectives is a key failure point for many organizations.


Many leaders believe that it is better to leave the goals at a high abstract level.  Leave the definition of the objectives to the implementation teams.

 This approach is common but it has some significant drawbacks.

  1. People are inclined to do things the same way.  Even with a new strategic goal, the implementation happens in the same way, with the same results.
  2. Without clear direction implementation usually happens in the easiest way.  This means the solution is often created without collaboration.  This means the implementation is not what was asked for and whatever solution is reached it is never shared to the rest of the organization benefits.

 How Does WideNarrow Help?


WideNarrow has a proven methodology that can help organizations begin to break down their goals into searchable actionable objectives.

WideNarrow’s solution is a simple implementation that has been proven across numerous large and small organizations.  This system takes a straightforward approach and breaks down the strategic goals into discrete objectives that can be set up to collect data and transform it into strategic information.

 The intelligence network, WideNarrow’s methodology makes it easy to create an effective intelligence network that is capable of communicating the strategic goals and objectives across the organization.