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What is the next moving target
The Market Is Changing
Consider that market conditions now move at exponential rates. Is your strategic team up to it?

Adaptable, Dynamic Strategy

It is time to change?  Is your strategy ready?


Does your strategic process let you:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Identify threats
  • develop a plan to act on these threats or opportunities
  • implement a process to manage the plan
  • provide feedback on execution

Strategic Intelligence is the key


To implement each of the areas describe above you must have:

  • Accurate, reliable, timely strategic intelligence.  (Strategic intelligence is: information that is collected, analyzed and aligned to the strategic plan.)
  • A methodology that allows you to use the strategic intelligence collected and apply it to the areas described above.


Wide Narrow Perspective provides the software to create the strategic intelligence and the methodology to use it.

Use WideNarrow and Perspective to build a comprehensive intelligence network.


WideNarrow will work closely with your organization to help you set up a strategically oriented team.  This team will be composed of your experts that come from across the organization.

Train and align with the organizations strategic plan.
This team is trained on the strategic plan’s objectives and goals.  The purpose of the team is to identify threats and opportunities that can affect the strategic plan.

What is next when you’ve identified the potential threats and opportunities?

The first step to action is awareness.

Intelligence boards meet on a recommended schedule.  These boards are part of the intelligence network and are responsible for identifying the actions needed to respond to the threat or opportunity.  These boards report directly to C-level management.


How much time per week will this team need to be effective?

On average?

Less than an hour.

Yep– less than an hour per week and you can have an effective intelligence network that can change your static strategic plan into a dynamic adaptable plan.